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6 Important Notes on the 2016 Budget

I’m writing this after the 2016 budget given by Mr. Osborne, the chancellor of the Exchequer and I’m still surprised by how many…
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HCA’s guide to get the biggest tax savings

Since the introduction of Entrepreneur’s relief, the absolute best way of saving the most tax is to: – Start a busines – Grow…
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HMRC’s strategy to cut fraud

In December last year, the Public Accounts Committee started an inquiry into HMRC’s effort to tackle the estimated £16bn lost to tax fraud…
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Three things you must know about dividend tax

Starting from 6 April 2016, a new dividend tax will take place. For a complete dividend tax report, please email ask@hca-accountants.com, if you need a…
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Five reasons why you should become a limited company

Many people think that the new dividend tax is now a disadvantage. However we have a five why you should become a limited company…
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Fuel rates Changing from 1st of June 2015

HMRC have announced new fuel rates for company cars, to apply to all journeys on or after 1 June 2015 until further notice.…
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Transfer of a going concern: consequences of transfer of VAT number

Mr Stringfellow transferred his business (and his VAT registration) to a limited company in 1986. The company was dissolved in 2000. In 2008…
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Unclaimed building allowance could exceed £2bn

Analysis from the HMRC estimates that as much as £2.1bn of tax may have gone unclaimed since the implementation of the Finance Act…
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SMEs could be breaking VAT rules

Some 36% of UK SME business owners are unaware of the VAT registration threshold, according to research from insurer Direct Line for Business…
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ISAs: transfer to spouse on death

The ISA regulations will be amended to allow the transfer on death of an individual’s ISA savings to a surviving spouse or civil…
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